10 Benefits of Replacement Windows

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Winter is coming…

As Ohio’s state capital, Columbus is a really great place to live. You get to enjoy the perfect blend of eclectic historical culture and modern influences all in one. However, it is not all fun and games, especially when winter rolls in.

If you have lived here for a while then you know better than anyone else that winters in Ohio can be brutal. The snow is heavy, the lows are low, and the wind can chill to the bone. For this reason, it is very important that you take all necessary measures to ensure that your home is in perfect condition to stand up to the chilling winter.

Windows in particular are very important to take care of. This is because during the cold season, the integrity of your windows will determine how comfortable you will be. This post will cover all you need to know about window replacement and getting your home ready for the season.


If you take a close look at your home, there are probably one or more windows that are in need of repair. It could be anything from gaps in the frames to loose louvers.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for the coming of winter or you just want to do some renovation. So what are the actual benefits of getting these issues fixed in time by a professional?


Faulty windows are a great way to lose energy from your home during the cold Ohio seasons. They let cold drafts in and allow warm air out, which means that you have to constantly adjust your heating system just to be comfortable in your own home. In the long run, something as simple as a crack in the frame or a loose pane could end up costing you a great deal of time and discomfort, and could lead to problems with your furnace.

The best windows for energy efficiency are argon gas windows. Argon filled windows must be either double pane or triple pane because the

Energy Effiecient Windows

Energy Effiecient Windows

gas is inserted and sealed between the panes in the factory. Argon gas is inert, so it’s a great insulator and doesn’t distort the view through the window. Investing in the best replacement windows Columbus, Ohio has to offer means that you are left with a nice warm and cozy home that retains heat for much longer than before. You can save a lot of money in the long run by spending a little now.

Argon Gas Windows

Argon Gas Windows

Be sure to check the u value of windows that you are planning to have installed. The u value is a simple measurement of the rate of heat loss through the windows. Simply, the lower the u value, the better the insulation of the window.

Along with u value, the window r value is another measurement of the effectiveness of the window insulation. In contrast to u value, the r value is an inverse measure of u value and the highest r value windows have the best insulation. R value is not used as commonly as u value however because while r value only measures the heat conduction of the glass itself, u value measures the heat conduction of the entire window assembly and is therefore a better overall measure of the energy effectiveness of the whole window.


“It’s just a small crack; it really is not a big deal.”

… Are the famous last words uttered by homeowners who went on to pay a lot to fix what initially were very simple issues. During harsh weather — from windy winter days to wet autumn nights — these small issues very quickly become significantly worse. It is therefore always a great idea to get the problem fixed as soon as possible before you are left with a horrible mess that leads to expensive broken window repair.


They sure are. Even a well-sealed, run of the mill double pane window is a great option. This is a perk you will particularly enjoy in the winter. When it gets windy and wild outdoors, you will need a place where you can enjoy some cozy calm and quiet. Getting your windows fixed or even completely replaced is a great way to ensure this. Sealing any openings provides insulation that mutes the noise outdoors, allowing you to have a nice haven to escape to from the pandemonium outside. Don’t forget that in most cases, a soundproof window is also an energy efficient window as well.


While wind and water are two big problems, there is one other big problem that mother nature throws at your house. That problem is UV light. UV When too much ultraviolet comes into your house, many of your things are at risk:

  • If you have any stained wood in your house, it will fade and the color can even change
  • Carpet color can fade 4-8% or more every year. The fibers actually “bake” and can be become brittle
  • Acrylic and oil paint can fade and discolor, as can any paper or canvas
  • Furniture will fade and dry out, dye will fade and discolor, over time the fabric will be more prone to tearing or ripping
Causes of Fading

Causes of Fading

Replacement windows come with factory coated low-E glass. Low-E glass is a term used to define the replacement windows as UV blocking windows. This factory applied UV blocking window film can account for reducing as much as 95% of UV light on a typical replacement window. There really are no disadvantages of low E glass, except there may be a very slight tinting effect, almost like looking through blue light blocking glasses. For the benefits to your home and your possessions, this is very much worth the trade. Window tinting can even be added in the factory. Tinted windows go great in rooms with large windows to help reduce the amount of heat that comes in to the room from the sun.


It goes without saying that windows are an integral part of any home’s security. You could have a security system that gives Fort Knox a run for its money, but with damaged windows you are still at risk. So get the windows reinforced, the clasps fixed, and whatever else that needs to be taken care of done to ensure that your windows are not the home’s weak link. Replacement windows have great locking features that older windows do not have.

Keep the burglar out

Keep the burglar out


Improved functionality is another major advantage of replacement windows. It might seem trivial, but having a window you can quickly and easily operate is something to celebrate. If a window can’t stay up, it can fall without notice and break the glass. If the lock doesn’t work, it’s a security risk and reduces the functionality of the seal. There are many more reasons, but a window that opens and closes correctly is a real luxury.


There is nothing as annoying as cracks in your window or loose panes hindering your beautiful views of Columbus. Affordable housing in Columbus is hard to find and you likely paid or pay good money to wake up to that sunrise or the river view, and you should be able to enjoy it. Brand new windows are the best way to improve the view through old, cracked, and ugly windows. The view can even be worsened simply by the style of windows. Get those windows up to date, enjoy the view of your city without any complications.


Window repair and window replacement both apply to this statement. With replacement windows in particular, you have the power to adjust your window style to suit the aesthetic you want, whether it is for curb appeal or interior décor. Steel windows are great for a modern or industrial look, fiberglass and vinyl windows can last for the rest of the life of your home, and wood windows offer a timeless look that is great for any home.


A professionally installed window that functions properly is very easy to maintain. Old windows with poor insulation, faulty or worn out construction, and outdated technology can leads to all sorts of problems. Problems can arise when opening the windows, trying to leave them open, when they’re closed, or when you’re trying to close them. There really is no way to hide the problems that are caused by an old, worn out window. If you’ve never seen someone clean a new replacement window, please watch this video.

Cleaning becomes a cinch as you do not have to fight to get it open and you don’t have to work to avoid cracks and pieces of glass in the process.


Columbus replacement windows also benefit you as the homeowner if you have the intention of selling in the near future. Good windows offer potential home owners the hope of both structural and aesthetic benefits. No one wants to move into a home with windows that are falling apart. Another great benefit is that most window warranties transfer within a reasonable time to the next homeowner. By getting new windows installed, you can ensure that you get the best value for your home when you are ready to let it go.


As you gear up for those harsh Ohio winters, you need a contractor you can trust to get the job done right. With years of experience, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Cap City Restoration is ready to tackle your replacement window project head on. Get in touch now for a free quote!

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