Cost of Vinyl Siding Replacement

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Vinyl Siding

The entire covering of your home is important for both performance and aesthetics. If your home has vinyl siding that is starting to look faded after years of being seared by strong sun rays and lashed by severe rain, then you might want to consider vinyl siding replacement.

Millions of people all over the USA choose vinyl siding because of its range of color choices, easy availability, cost efficiency, and clean appearance. The big question, how much does it cost to replace vinyl siding in the Columbus Ohio area?

The Average Cost Of Vinyl Siding Replacement

According to a NARI (National Association Of The Remodeling Industry), the average cost for those who are looking to replace vinyl siding is about $13,000 on a typical house of 2,500 sq ft. Having this in mind, you can calculate on your own what would be the average cost for your house. Keep in mind that this is a rough cost since it depends on several factors that we will discuss in the next paragraphs.

The replacement could cost less or more than that, depending on labor costs in your area, sq ft, the quality of the siding, and most importantly, the contractor you decide to choose. But let’s make one thing crystal clear – the more you find out about the vinyl siding cost, the more you will be able to get for your project within your budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding on average costs about 4.5 per square foot.  Thickness, textures, trim and of course removing the old siding are four of the big factors that are going to affect the price of your vinyl siding replacement.

Thicknesses – vinyl siding can be found in several thicknesses, which are also known as gauges. Thicker vinyl siding logically costs more, and it is available in more textures. And what is most important, thicker textures are more durable.

Here is the list of the most common thicknesses:

  • Premium grade 0.048 inch thick
  • Thick grade 0.046 inch thick
  • Standard grade 0.044 inch thick
  • Builder grade: 0.040 inches thick

Textures – a completely smooth vinyl siding surface is the cheapest. But if the look and design is something really important to you, you can find those that look like wood shakes, wood clapboard, and so on, but these materials will cost you more.

Trim – trim, soffits, molding around doors and windows will add extra cost to labor and material.

Removal – another thing to keep  in mind that removing and disposing of the old vinyl siding can cost from $1,000 to $3,000.


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