Ice Dam Solutions

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Ice Dam

What is an Ice Dam?

To put it simply, they are one of the most expensive, inconvenient, and harmful building issues in Columbus Ohio. Think of them as a ridge of ice that appears at the bottom of roofs. During the winter, logically, snow accumulates on our roofs. If the attic insulation is bad or it’s leaky, then hot air is escaping.

When this happens, the previously mentioned accumulated snow/ice on our roofs starts to melt and run down the entire roof. Once this water hits a cooler spot, the water starts freezing. These build-ups of ice appear along your roof edges and obstruct melted snow from draining, which leads to more ice dams. There is a solution.

What is the Harm of an Ice Dam?

Although ice dams at first glance do not seem like a big problem, they can cause serious damage to your property. If neglected, they can easily tear off your gutters, cause water to seep under roof shingles and seep in your rooms, loosen shingles, and so on.

Undrained water always finds its way, which means it goes to your attic. From this point, it seeps even further through the next structures like walls, ceilings, insulation, and other home structures. This causes paint peeling, wall staining and sagging, destroyed floors, wrapped wood structures, and even mold and mildew start to appear.

Who can Help?

Take a look at roof edges. Do you see icicles? They are not necessarily a problem. The trapped water behind them is a problem. So, if the water is trapped behind icicles, then you are going to need professional help.

Why should I worry? Because this is just the beginning of a potentially damaging problem. And as snow, wind, and sun are unavoidable, Cap City Restoration is the expert in your area for a permanent solution that will save your time, money, and nerves in the long run.

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