Soffit Vents

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Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are a crucial part of your home to maintain proper ventilation, prevent condensation and premature degradation of roofing materials.  Soffit vents are vents installed at the bottom of the cornice or overhang of your house. They are used to maintain airflow throughout the attic space

If you have a home in the Columbus Ohio area you need soffit vents.  They are especially crucial during summer and winter climates.

On hot summer days your attic can reach high temperatures up to 140 degrees, which can progressively deteriorate not only the materials in your house but can also cause electrical problems.

During the winter months your attic will be exposed to moisture, causing the building materials in your attic and roof to rot.

Aside from soffit vents functional role, they also play a huge aesthetic role since it’s beautifying the underside of the overhang. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your home safe and appealing. Contact us at Cap City Restoration for your free estimate today.

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