What is a commercial roofer

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commercial roof

A roof is a roof, right? Not quite. Not only is there variation between different types of residential roofs, including the pitch, construction and roofing material, but there are differences between commercial and residential roofs. If you own a business in the Columbus, Ohio area and are looking for a quality commercial roofer, Cap City Restoration is the contractor for you.   Here are some considerations that will aid in your search.

One of the main considerations that differs between a commercial and a residential roofer is that commercial roofers will typically be dealing with larger, flatter roofs found on industrial or commercial facilities. Quite often, asphalt shingles are not used for flat commercial roofs because they don’t offer the waterproofing protection that’s needed. Commercial roofers work with a variety of roofing materials to accommodate a variety of roofing needs, however, PVC, EPDM and TPO are the preferred roofing materials for commercial roofs given their waterproof properties, fire resistance and, in the case of TPO, light reflecting properties.

Although commercial roofers may work on roofs that are partly or completely pitched and made of materials similar to residential roofs, including asphalt, slate or cedar shingles as well as tiles, commercial roofers will deal with more technically challenging roofs. Commercial facilities have many different piping and ventilation systems that either protrude through the roof or are situated on the roof. Skilled commercial roofers will be able to completely seal the openings around these pipes and systems to prevent damage from standing water, snow or any other precipitation that is more likely to accumulate on flat roofs.

There are other advantages to working with roofers who specifically do commercial work. Commercial roofers are skilled and equipped for the demands of commercial roof installation and repair, ensuring that any work done on the roof is code compliant and safe. This will prevent future repairs to correct any code violations and the potential demolition of the roof. Commercial roofers are not only equipped and skilled to do the job right the first time, but they are also prepared to use the appropriate material and arrange for bulk shipment, saving money on the entire expense of the roof. Ultimately, a skilled professional will be able to get the job done in a timely manner and will offer a warranty for any deficiencies found in the roof.

When searching for a commercial roofer, there are some qualifications you should discuss. First, always make sure that your roofer is licensed to operate in the area where your property is located. Second, verify that your roofer is insured, as uninsured or under insured roofers can be a costly liability if something happens during or after construction. It’s always best to find an experienced roofer who will be able to diagnose any problems encountered and make recommendations for long-term solutions. Similarly, working with a local commercial roofer makes all logistical and financial components of the transaction streamlined and straightforward.

Commercial roofs have a surprising amount of nuances for successful installation and repair. Commercial roofers are trained to quickly and effectively resolve any issues you might encounter with your property’s roof. If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, and are looking for the repair or installation of a roof on a commercial property, contact Cap City Restoration for your free estimate today.

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