When is the best time to replace a roof

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When if the best time to replace a roof

So when is the best time to replace a roof?  If you’re shopping around and trying to figure out when to replace a roof in Columbus, Ohio, this guide will give you some pointers to aid your search.

If you’re a homeowner, or planning to be one, then it’s worth accepting that your roof will need to be replaced at some point. Given the relative expense of replacing your roof, you want to make sure that it’s done right the first time. There are many considerations that go into replacing a roof, from correcting any underlying flaws, determining the appropriate roofing material.  Cap City Restoration is here to work along side of you to come up with the best plan to fit your needs.

Winter is generally not recommended for a variety of reasons, but with the new tools and technology available today it is possible.  Cap City Restoration will be able to access your roof and see if its a possibility.  Here are some of the reasons that can make it more difficult.  First, given that snow and ice can be concerns in Columbus, Ohio, trying to replace a roof in this kind of weather can be either impossible or extremely hazardous for roofers. The second issue that’s a concern is that the cold weather can make roofing materials more liable to get damaged. Asphalt shingles become more brittle with colder weather, possible leading to damage before the shingles are even installed. Likewise, if ice or snow get between shingles during the installation, this can lead to water penetration and further problems. The only advantage to roofing installations during the winter is that there will be less competition, meaning shorter wait times and potentially lower prices. If it happens to be a mild winter and you can find a roofer willing to do the work, then winter might work for you.

In general, spring, summer and fall are the busiest times for roofers and each has its advantages. Asphalt shingles need to experience temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit in order to adhere to a roof. Given the average temperatures in Spring through Autumn, April through October are great periods for having a roof replaced. The only concerns with Spring installations are the frequent rains that can make installing a roof or replacing damaged components difficult if not undesirable. It’s always best to try and schedule during a period when rain isn’t as likely.

Summer is another popular period for having roofing work done, but the concern during the summer season is that temperatures can get too hot. Asphalt roofs can reach up to 170 degrees in the summer, which can lead to some shingles melting or not adhering properly during the installation. The greater concern is that this is a popular season for roofing, so wait times and prices may be higher than other times of the year.

Many consider Fall to be the best time for roofing installation. The weather is an optimal temperature and allows roofers to work longer than normal to get the job done faster. The weather is drier and there’s less interference. The only concern, as with the summer months, is that many people schedule during this time of year, which may require some advanced planning on your part.

When is the best time to replace a roof?  Ultimately, depending on the weather that year, any time of year is suitable for installing a roof as long as the temperature is at least 45 degrees.  Always try to take care of a roofing installation when you see the first sign of a problem so that it doesn’t become too costly. When it comes to when to replace a roof, it’s always good to plan ahead.  Give Cap City Restoration  a call today for an appraisal and free estimate.

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